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eindiabusiness.com - amongst Top B2B Portals

May 6th, 2009, DUBLIN.

eindiabusiness.com has been selected among the Top 30 B2B Portals of the world, according to the latest (May 2009) B2B Online Media Report (Update) issued by the Research and Markets. eindiabusiness.com has achieved the impressive ranking due to its consistent, visionary, and unique endeavour to provide its myriads of perceptive and discerning clients of all economic sectors, and belonging to every part of India and the world, better and greater satisfaction.

Research and Markets: B2B Online Media Report (Update) - in Total, There Are 19 General Sourcing Platforms and an Additional Five Vertical Industry Sourcing Sites
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This is an updated edition of this report which was last published in October 2008.

Out of the 30 Businesses in the BSG's B2B Online Media Ranking, 19 websites pertain to the Finished Goods Sourcing Websites or the Online Trade Directories (e.g. Alibaba.com and Global Sources), 5 are Netsun's Vertical Sourcing Websites, 5 are Technology Based Trade Publications.

Alibaba.com secured the top position again. eindiabusiness.com entered the Top 30 for the first time at #29.

The Top Ten Websites comprising of 8 sourcing sites and 2 technology-focused ones, have remained more or less stable. Japanese technological portal ITmedia.co.jp and the Chinese technological portal ChinaByte.com, are the most famous non-sourcing websites in the Top Ten.

The BSG's Online B2B Media Ranking is dominated by the Sourcing Websites that typically generate revenues by charging the suppliers for listing their products or services online. There are 5 technology-focushed trade publications that typically generate revenues by selling the banner advertisements or by charging for the premium content and subscriptions.

In total, there are 19 general sourcing platforms and an additional five vertical industry sourcing sites. There are another five trade publications which typically generate revenues by selling banner ads or by charging for premium content and subscriptions. ChinaByte is focused on targeting technology professionals in China. The vertical industry sites are completely dominated by Hangzhou-based Zhejiang Netsun which owns all five of the vertical industry websites in BSG's Top 30. They are Toocle.com, Chemnet.com.cn, Pharmnet.com.cn, Efu.com.cn and Texnet.com.cn.

Evolving fee structures as companies experiment with alternative models such as "pay-per inquiry" and keyword bidding continued strong growth in the vertical industry sourcing segment.

About eindiabusiness.com

eindiabusiness.com is one of the fastest growing B2B directory..

With over 14000 product & services categories & currently a database of over 200,000 companies online, the directory is generating over 4,000 unique business leads everyday.

eindiabusiness.com operates from more than 22 cities in India with over 4000 active products and services catalogs.

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