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Rated as the Best Indian Tourism Portal

Greatest truths are the simplest!
Here we have selected some of the best portals of India. This selection is based upon our "Selection Team's Practical experiences since we love the medium World Wide Web than anyone else!

1.Best Email Service

We have awarded the best webmail service to rediffmail.com. This free email service is clearly the numero uno among the Indian Webmail Services. They won this award for speed, ease of use and popularity.

2. Best Regional Tourism Portal

This site is truly the winner like their "Gods Own Country". Neatly updated and well designed features makes it the winner for the ' Best regional Tourism portal Award."

3. Best Indian Tourism Portal

This is the winner in the "National tourism portal" category for its excellent home page design and user friendly features like Destinations, Travel Themes, Hotels In India, Tour Operators ,Travelers Tools,Tourist Info. and complete with Maps. Online reservation facility is available for some of the finest Indian hotels. Before raveling to India we suggest you to refer this mega portal!

4. Best Indian Government Portal

Many of you know that this is the only state where a chief minister is called as CEO of a state! Mr Chandrababu Naidu, CEO of the state Andhra Pradesh is the pioneer in India's E-governance Initiative.

The site is rightly calling it as "Oddyssy into the future" and we dont even have a nearest competitor for this award! This is really the best site by any government agency in the country and hence it is winning the award " Best Indian Government Portal" in this category.

5. Best Indian News Portal

Again the clear winner for the online news on India is rediff.com.It has got a reputation among the youths for its utter simplicity and speed. It has also has is US edition to attract visitors (Mostly the techies scattered around the globe)

The lightning fast down loads and simple navigation makes it the winner in the category "Best Indian News Portal". Whether it is sport or politics it is the first window to India. Hats off to the portal for winning the second award !